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UNA StudentA student is placed on academic suspension for one semester at the end of any semester or term in which the student fails to maintain a 2.0 GPA on work attempted during that time period.  After one fall or spring semester on suspension, a suspended student will be automatically eligible for re-enrollment but will be required to file readmission forms available in the Office of Admissions.

As an alternative to sitting out a penalty semester, Active Suspension students are given the opportunity to participate in an Active Suspension Program that allows continued enrollment with a specific target of addressing carefully defined academic deficiencies.  Students wishing to participate in the Active Suspension Program will fill out a form and schedule a time to discuss their situation with the Coordinator of the Active Suspension Program.  In addition, students will schedule an appointment with a member of the staff of UAS to discuss their class schedule for the upcoming semester. 

The elements of the program are spelled out specifically below:


The current policy mandating that suspended students sit out one regular semester would be retained for those students who do not participate in the Active Suspension Program.


Success Center Staff

Dr. Robert Koch Jr.

University Success Center Director

Center for Writing Excellence Director

The Commons 223



Ms. Tammy D. Rhodes

Administrative Assistant

The Commons 204


256.765.4764 (FAX)


Dr. Amy E. Crews

University Advising Services Director

Active Suspension Coordinator

The Commons 221



Dr. Robert Koch Jr.

Interim First-Year Experience Coordinator

The Commons 223



Dr. Kathleen Richards

Center for Writing Excellence

Assistant Director

Collier Library Basement



Prof. Marlow B. McCullough

Mathematics Learning Center Director

The Commons 217



Learning Support Coordinator

Academic Advisor

The Commons 220



Ms. Kenda H. Rusevlyan

Testing Coordinator

University Advisor

The Commons 214



Ms. Elizabeth C. Haggerty

University Advisor

The Commons 213



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