University Advising Services

When you want to improve your study skills, you can attend one of the study skills workshops offered free for UNA students. Study skills workshops focus on improving:

  • Time management skills;
  • Test taking skills;
  • Note taking skills;
  • Handling test anxiety;
  • How to read a textbook; and
  • Concentration & memory skills.

Study Skills Workshops

Please join us for one or all of the Study Skills workshops during the Spring 2014 semester. These sessions will be held in Room 109 of Raburn Hall and are free to all currently enrolled UNA students. Each session will last approximately 50 minutes. Check below for the time and location of the workshops that will benefit you.

Time Management


Memory and Concentration


Test Taking


Reading a Textbook


Test Anxiety


Taking Notes


"Best of" Study Skills

In case you missed the others we will provide a condensed version of all of them.


If you don't find a workshop that fits into your schedule, please take a look at the PowerPoint Presentations linked below. Please make sure to view the notes section at the bottom of each slide for more information about the topic.

Student studying

Concentration and Memory [PPT]

Note Taking [PPT]

Test Anxiety [PPT]

Test Preparation [PPT]

Textbook Reading [PPT]

Time Management [PPT]


If you would like help with your study skills one-on-one, please contact Dr. Matt Price, UNA's Learning Support Coordinator, by sending an email to, or calling 256.765.5949.

Dr. Robert Koch Jr.

University Success Center Director

Center for Writing Excellence Director

The Commons 223



Ms. Tammy D. Rhodes

Administrative Assistant

The Commons 204


256.765.4764 (FAX)


Dr. Amy E. Crews

University Advising Services Director

Active Suspension Coordinator

The Commons 221



Mr. Matthew Little

First-Year Experience Director

The Commons 215



Dr. Kathleen Richards

Center for Writing Excellence

Assistant Director

The Commons 219



Prof. Marlow B. McCullough

Mathematics Learning Center Director

The Commons 217



Dr. Matt Price

Learning Support Coordinator

The Commons 220



Ms. Kenda H. Rusevlyan

Testing Coordinator

University Advisor

The Commons 214



Ms. Elizabeth C. Haggerty

University Advisor

The Commons 213



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