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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Resources for Faculty and Staff


Professional development in seminar instruction, University Advisor Program participation, and software use are all part of the FYE Program. Check back for the dates, times, and locations for these events. In the meantime, please use this website to share ideas and learn about the multiple components of the FYE Program.

FYE Program Talking Points/FAQs

Seminar Professional Development

The seminar courses are an integral part of the First-Year Experience Program and will integrate the three goals of the program, which are to help students:

The purpose of this section is to provide you with resources for the First-Year Experience Program Seminars. You are invited to share assignments and assessments related to the seminar, as well as any changes or enhancements made to those already in place. If you would like to contribute materials to this page, please forward your electronic document in Word or PDF format to the FYE Director.

Seminar Talking Points/FAQs    

Goal 1.  The First-Year Experience Program will help ORIENT students to the community.

Objective 1.1.  Students will demonstrate proficiency in identifying and communicating with course instructors and advisors.

Assignment or activity | Contributor | Email | Phone

Objective 1.2.  Students will identify inhibitors or obstructions to personal academic success and use appropriate university or community resources to begin establishing goals or plans to address these inhibitors or obstructions.

 Assignment or activity | Contributor | Email | Phone

Objective 1.3.  Students will commit to the life of the community by routinely participating in or attending extra-curricular academic, athletic, artistic, or cultural events.

Scavenger Hunt Assignment (DOC / PDF) | Dr. Carolyn Barske | | 256.765.4529

 Goal 2.  The First-Year Experience Program will assist students as they DEVELOP critical academic and personal skills necessary for academic success. 

Objective 2.1.  Students will demonstrate awareness of critical thinking and academic success skills, with preferred emphasis on close reading, note-taking, test-taking, and/or study-habit development.

Test Preparation Activity (DOC / PDF) | Dr. Sarah Franklin | |256.765.5774

Objective 2.2.  Students will demonstrate awareness of external stressors to personal academic success, with preferred emphasis on time and resource management, campus safety, and/or stress management

Assignment or activity | Contributor | Email | Phone

Objective 2.3.  Students will develop mutually supportive relationships with peers, faculty, advisors, and other members of the university community.

Assignment or activity | Contributor | Email | Phone

Goal 3.  The First-Year Experience Program will encourage students to EXPLORE major and career possibilities.

Objective 3.1.  Students will examine personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to possibilities and opportunities in majors or professional careers.

Assignment or activity | Contributor | Email | Phone

Objective 3.2.  Students will propose an academic plan that establishes undergraduate goals and objectives, and which may also account for extra-curricular, co-curricular, research, service, or other enrichment activities.

Student Learning Philosophy (DOC / PDF) | Dr. Andrea Hunt | | 256.765.5137

University Advisor Program Professional Development

Advising Talking Points/FAQs

Retention Software Training and Use

Software Talking Points/FAQs

Other Resources

The resources will grow and develop along with the FYE Program.


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