What's Happening at UNA

Enroll In Classes

  • Basic How-to:
    • Enter your UNAPortal account.
    • Click on the Self-Service Banner Tab
    • Click on the Student Tab
    • Click on Registration
    • Click on Drop or Add Classes
    • Select the term that you want to apply for (ex. Spring 2009)
    • In the boxes provided, enter the five-digit course ID number (ex. Art Appreciation ART170 may have the number 10427)
    • Enter only one course per box, but you can do all your classes at once. Just hit the tab to go to the next box.
    • Submit your request! If there are no problems you will see all of the classes appear on the screen in list form. If there are problems with a course, it will also tell you at this point.
    • If you cannot get into the class(es) you want, go to the “Look up classes” link and search for another course. If you find a class that you like, you can add it to your cart (or just write down the number and enter it yourself ) then go back to the drop/add page, make sure the number is correct, and press submit.
    • If you are having problems registering for classes, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • View Current Coursebook: find your classes!

  • Graduation Requirements & Deadlines