Division of Student Affairs

Is Counseling Right for Me?

The college years are exciting, stressful, and challenging for all students. Facing difficult situations or feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life is a normal and even expected aspect of life, even during the college years. However, for some students, these experiences can negatively impact the student’s ability to function well academically.  When students use resources that are made available to them, the potentially negative impact of the situation may be minimized.  We encourage students at the University of North Alabama to make use of the services available to them through Student Counseling Services in a timely manner, seeking help before the damage is too great.


How Can Counseling Help?

Student Counseling Services provides individual therapy, specialized groups, and psycho-educational presentations for students. During the process of individual therapy, the counselor and client work together to explore personal issues and develop individualized goals that will help to empower the student to make positive changes and learn new strategies for coping with difficult situations and managing stress in the future.