Staff Handbook

Message From the President

The continued success of the University of North Alabama in reaching its goals is, to a great degree, dependent upon an efficient work force, a cooperative and dedicated effort of all personnel working as a team, and pleasant working conditions.

The University endeavors to maintain a highly qualified and motivated work force that will accomplish its goals and to create a work environment in which working conditions will be beneficial to the University and its employees. The contribution of each staff employee is, therefore, vital to the success of the entire institution.

Whether you are a new employee or have been with the University for years, you have an important part to play in the present and future of the University. You were selected for your position because of your unique qualifications, skills, abilities, knowledge, and potential for contributing to the University's success. You should take pride in the accomplishments of all of those who have contributed so much to this unique institution.

Further, all employees of the University are expected to be goodwill ambassadors and recruiters for the University. I personally hope that in every contact you make with prospective students, current students, other University employees and the public, you will promote the University and what it offers to students, the community and the region.

To maintain the requisite working conditions and to facilitate the University of North

Alabama in reaching its goals, the University has certain policies, rules, and regulations which govern employee conduct, relationships, and work performance. The provisions governing faculty terms and conditions of employment are contained in the Faculty Handbook and those governing staff employees are contained in this Staff Handbook. The purpose of these provisions is to protect the rights and increase the safety and wellbeing of all, to help people work together harmoniously, and to enhance the work performance of all employees. The provisions in this Staff Handbook define the rights and responsibilities of staff and service employees of the University. It is important that you know not only that the regulations exist, but also that you understand why they are important to the University and how they benefit you as an employee.

As a good employer, the University of North Alabama provides a benefit package for its employees which includes: paid leave, holidays, sick leave, annual leave, and various other categories of leave; retirement benefits; and financial safeguards against the hazards of death, sickness, and accident.

A summary of the University of North Alabama's personnel policies and procedures, and employee benefits is presented in this Staff Handbook. It serves as a means of relaying to employees the established rules which they are expected to observe in the workplace. It also serves as a useful guide and reference on matters pertaining to the University-employee relationship. Supplemental work rules and behavioral requirements will be passed on to you by your supervisor. If you need further information about any aspect of your employment, feel free to contact your supervisor, department head, or a member of the Office of Human Resources and Affirmative Action.

I solicit your support in keeping the University of North Alabama a superb institution of higher learning and a great place to work. 


 President Cale

William G. Cale, Jr.