Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Building Success Through Discovery: Imagine, Investigate, Communicate

What is UNA's Building Success through Discovery? 

The University of North Alabama’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Building Success through Discovery,  focuses on engaging students in undergraduate research, defined as the specific reading, data and information collection, analysis, and presentation skills (written or oral) required to successfully participate in problem-solving within any given discipline and career.   Over the course of this multi-year project, the University seeks to infuse undergraduate research into all academic programs and to encourage all undergraduates participate in research through Building Success through Discovery.

UNA’s QEP was developed on the belief that discovery; the sense of being curious, asking a question, exploring the possible answers, and explaining the results, is at the heart of academic research.  Thus, as a part of the QEP implementation process, students will acquire an understanding of the research process in their discipline, be expected to apply these skills, and consequently, increase their ability to analyze, think critically, and make informed decisions.