Information Technology Services

Computer Equipment Replacement

Effective as of the 1995-96 academic year, the University established a technology fee to be paid by all students for the purpose of "technology renewal and replacement." A major portion of this money is expended each year for the upgrading and/or replacement of personal computer, networking, infrastructure and computer laboratory equipment. The remaining money is held in reserve for major equipment (servers, telecommunication switches/routers, etc.) replacement.

The Office of the Dean of Information Technologies acts as the clearinghouse for requests dealing with office and computer laboratory upgrades/replacements. The requests are reviewed by the Technologies Advisory Committee that meets the first of the Fall Semester to prioritize requests for laboratory upgrades. Lab equipment is usually replaced on a rotational basis. Among the criteria influencing replacement decisions are the age of the lab equipment, student usage, and any special needs of the lab.

Also, during the Fall Semester the Committee solicits faculty and staff requests concerning the replacement of office computers and peripherals. This solicitation, usually conducted by e-mail, outlines procedures for making the requests. Upon recommendation by the Committee, the Dean of Information Technologies initiates equipment orders based on the amount of money available.

As the primary purpose of the technology fee is for equipment upgrades, discipline-specific software usually is not considered for order. The amount of the technology fee is insufficient to finance these software requests, which departmental and college budgets should ordinarily cover.