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Housing Office

Director of Housing

Audrey Mitchell, MBA | Rivers Hall, Ground Floor | 256.765.4124

Assistant Director of Housing

Jimmy Waddell | Rivers Hall, Ground Floor | 256.765.6766

Administrative Assistant - University Apartments

Leah Harper | Rivers Hall, Ground Floor | 256.765.4633

Environmental Services Specialists

UNA Box 5037 | 256.765.4124

Rivers Hall

Christopher M. Patterson, Area Lead - Rivers, LaGrange, Appleby East and West Halls

Elisa A. Fields

Sherry A. Willis

Michael T. Pride, Floor Care - Rice/Rivers/LaGrange 

Rice Hall

Garnett J. Watters, Area Lead - Rice, Lafayette, Hawthorne and Covington Halls

Tracy R. Murphy

James D. Shaffer

LaGrange Hall

Ginger Ann Davis

Sarah M. Young

Lafayette Hall

Tina K. Williams

Covington Hall & Hawthorne Hall

Tina F. Patterson

Appleby East Hall & Appleby West Hall

Brenda K. Terry

residence halls

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Special Accommodations Due to Medical

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