Department of Housing

Accommodations for Students Medical Physical Conditions

University Apartments


This page addresses accommodations for students that will or currently reside in University Apartments.


Conditions that may qualify for accommodations include: disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or psychological conditions that inhibit a student's ability to live in certain residence halls. Documentation must be submitted for a student if living in any of our housing facilities would cause challenges for the student due to their condition.

Housing works with students who meet the following criteria:

A licensed medical or psychological professional must verify the student’s condition. (May not be a family friend or relative of the student.)


Student should download and provide Verification of Medical/Physical Condition information sheet to their physician.

Physician or student should mail documentation specified in Verification of Medical/Physical Condition information sheet to the attention of the Director of Housing at UNA Box 5037; Florence, AL 35632.

Documentation will be reviewed by Director of Housing within 2-3 weeks of receipt and the Director will be in contact.

Timeline - Receipt of documentation within a reasonable timeframe of hall opening should be strictly adhered to. These timeframes are:

Failure to meet the timeframes noted above significantly decreases our chances of being able to provide accommodation