University Honors Program

Program Requirements

Students Entering the Program in Fall 2014 

University Honors Program Curriculum:

Honors Capstone Project: 3-6 hour directed undergraduate research project in students’ individual majors.

Honors Civic Engagement Requirement: Students identify a platform of civic engagement during the fall of the second year and complete 10-15 hours per year of targeted community service thereafter.

Honors Experiential Learning Requirement: Students engage in some form of experiential learning related to their major field while at UNA, to include, but not limited to an internship, practicum, co-op, paid employment, job shadowing, or discipline-specific volunteering.

Honors Experience With Other Cultures Requirement: Can be met through different mechanisms, to include, but not limited to formal study abroad, approved private travel abroad, two years of foreign language study at UNA, two years of service in the Language Partner Program, approved study “away” in a different region of the U.S., or an approved alternative break project in a different region of the U.S.

Option 2 - Students Who Entered the Program Prior to 2014

University Honors Program Curriculum:

Honors 101 Forum on Human Values

Honors 201 Civic Engagement Forum

Honors 301 Global Issues Colloquium

Civic Engagement Requirement

Honors Capstone Project

27 total hours of Honors courses (includes Forum courses and Capstone Project)

Maintenance of a 3.25 GPA

Experiential Learning

All Honors Program students are strongly encouraged to engage in some form of experiential learning while at UNA. This may include student teaching, a practicum, an internship, paid employment in one's major, or other forms of practical education.

Note: To remain on scholarship all students must participate in Program co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and make satisfactory progress toward completion of the Program.


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