Faculty Profile

Greg G. Gaston, Ph. D., GISP



Ph.D.  Oregon State University
M.S.  Oregon State University
B.S.  Wilmington College

Research Interests:

Patterns of Severe Weather, Landscapes and landform development, impacts of climate change, Teaching in the Field.

Selected Publications:

Gaston G.G. and K.M, Mayes, “Carbon and Conservation Tillage” pp. 57-66 in Food and Famine in the 21st Century Vol. 1: Topics and Issues, W. Dando ed.  2012, ABC-CLIO, LLC Santa Barbara CA.

Gaston G.G.; “Use of Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Investigate Depth and Concentration of Subsurface Ice in a Suspected ‘Ice Cored’ Moraine” Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Science 2008 Vol.2. No.2, 411-414.

Heyman O, Gaston G.G., Kimerling A.J., Campbell J.T.; “A Per-Segment Approach to Improving Aspen Mapping from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery” Journal of Forestry 2003 Vol. 101, No. 4, June 2003, 29-35.

Gaston G.G., S. Brown, M. Lorenzini and K.D. Singh;  "State and Change in Carbon Pools in the Forests of Tropical Africa", Global Change Biology 1998, 4, 97-114.  

Gaston, G.G., P.M. Bradley, T.S. Vinson and T.P. Kolchugina; "GVI Classification of Vegetation and Landcover Regions in the Former Soviet Union as Inputs for Forest Ecosystem Modeling", Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 1996, 63 - 1, 51-58.  

P. M. Bradley, G.G. Gaston, T. S. Vinson and T.P. Kolchugina  "Simulating Carbon Storage in Forests of Eastern Russia" , J. of Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 1995, 82, 1-2.  

Brown S. and G.G. Gaston, "Use of Forest Inventories and Geographic Information Systems to Estimate Biomass Density of Tropical Forests: Application to Tropical Africa", Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 1995, 38 - 2-3, 157-168.  

Gaston, G.G. and T.P. Kolchugina; "Estimates of Phytomass and Net Primary Productivity in Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Former Soviet Union Identified by Classified Global Vegetation Index", World Resource Review 1995, 7 - 4, 525-540.  

Gaston G.G., P.L. Jackson, T. S. Vinson, and T. P. Kolchugina; "Identification of Carbon Quantifiable Regions in the Former Soviet Union Using Unsupervised Classification of AVHRR Global Vegetation Index Images", International Journal of Remote Sensing 1994, 15 - 16, 3199-3222.  

Jackson, P.L. and G.G. Gaston; "Digital Enhancement as an Aid to Detecting Patterns of Vegetation Stress Using Medium-Scale Aerial Photography", International Journal of Remote Sensing 1994, 15 - 5, 1009-1018.  

Gaston G.G., T.P. Kolchugina and T.S.Vinson; "Potential Effect of No-Till Management on Carbon in the Agricultural Soils of the Former Soviet Union", Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 1993, 45, 295-309.


GE 102 - World Regional Geography
GE 112 - Principles of Physical Geography II:  Landscapes
GE 224 - Field Methods and Technology in Geography
GE 323 - Use and Interpretation of Aerial Photography
GE 330 - Meteorology
GE 331 - Climatology
GE 384 - Geographic Information Systems
GE 403 - Nature and Society Interactions
GE 435 - Geomorphology
GE 454 - Remote Sensing
GE 484 - Projects in Geographic Information Science