Faculty Profile

Francis T. Koti, Ph. D., GISP

Professor and Chair


Ph.D.  West Virginia University
M.A.  West Virginia University
B.Ed.  Kenyatta University, Kenya

Research Interests:         

Dr. Koti's research focuses in the areas of: Participatory geographic information systems (PGIS); African Urbanization; Urban and Regional Planning, Third World Development and Planning; and Regional and Rural Development.  He is currently examining the impacts of modern geospatial technologies on social and spatial exclusion in the fringe of Africa’s largest cities. More specifically, he is interested in exploring alternative approaches applicable in data-poor environments, economically depressed areas, and also socially and spatially differentiated social contexts.

Recently, Dr. Koti has also gained interest in uneven regional development issues in the State of Alabama. As such, he employs PGIS methodologies to explore how modern geospatial technologies may enhance the capacity of local communities to solve local problems, and also manage resources in the Black Belt region.

Selected Publications and Research Contributions:

Amutabi, M., K. Otiso, F. Koti and G. Manyara. 2012. (co-Editors). Kenya Studies Review Journal Vol 1 Number 2 – December 2010. ISSN: 2150-5764 (Online - http://kessa.org/kenya_studies_review_ksr).

Koti, F. 2010. Confronting Socio-Spatial Exclusion on the Fringe of Africa’s Cities Using Participatory GIS: Lessons from Athi River Town, Kenya. Africa Today 56 (3):62-82.

Smiley, S and F. Koti. 2010. Introduction: Africa’s Spaces of Exclusion. Africa Today 56(3) v-ix.

Smiley, S and F. Koti. 2010. Guest Editors. Africa Today Vol 56 (3) Special Edition. Theme: Africa’s Spaces of Exclusion.

    Amutabi, M., K. Otiso, F. Koti and G. Manyara. 2009. (co-Editors). Kenya Studies Review Vol 1 Number 1 December 2009. ISSN: 2150-5764 (Online - http://kessa.org/kenya_studies_review_ksr).

      Koti, F and D. Weiner. 2006. (Re)Defining Peri-Urban Residential Space Using Participatory GIS in Kenya. Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries 25 (8): 1-12.


      GE 102 - World Regional Geography
      GE 111 - Principles of Physical Geography I:  Weather and Climate
      GE 350 - Geography of Africa
      GE 384 - Geographic Information Systems
      GE 390 - Urban Geography
      GE 420/520 - Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
      GE 600 - Geographic Thought

      Graduate Students:

      Stephanie Cruse (Advisor)
      Zeb Wallace '12 (Committee Member)
      Will Walker '12 (Committee Member)