College of Education & Human Sciences


Fall 2014 Intern Handbook

Fall 2014 Internship Syllabus

Candidates wishing to apply for internship should submit a formal application no later than the posted deadline (four weeks after the first day of classes) at least one semester prior to the beginning of the expected internship. Applications filed after the posted deadlines must be accompanied by a non-refundable late fee of $50. Submission of a late application may delay admission to the internship and does not guarantee the candidate an internship placement for the following semester. Late applications filed eight weeks after the first day of classes will not be considered for internship placement the following semester. Submission of an application for admission to internship during the summer term will not be considered for fall semester placement.

Candidates denied admission to internship must reapply by the posted deadline in a subsequent semester. Candidates who do not reapply by the posted deadline will be assessed a $50 late fee.

Requirements for admission to internship can be found on the Teacher Education & Certification webpage.

Additional Notes:

Candidates are not allowed to take courses during the student teaching semester. UNA reserves the right to assign a student teacher in the greater Shoals area due to limitations on human and fiscal resources. Enrollment in a teacher education program indicates a willingness on the part of the student to spend the time and effort required at the school to which assigned, and to comply with the codes, policies, and regulations of that school. The student teacher is responsible for transportation to and from the student teaching assignment.