College of Education & Human Sciences

Fingerprint Clearance

All University of North Alabama education majors must secure background suitability clearance from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) based on ABI/FBI fingerprints. Suitability clearance must be secured prior to registering for any education courses which include clinical experiences.

 Step 1: Register

  1. Visit the Cogent website at and click on the Department of Education logo to review information pertaining to background checks.
  2. While on this website, applicants must register for and pay for their fingerprint appointment BEFORE arriving at the fingerprint location. The fingerprint scanning fee is currently $51.40.
  3. Applicants should print one (1) copy of the applicant registration receipt. Take this receipt to the fingerprint appointment.

If you need to get fingerprinted outside of the state of Alabama, please contact the UNA Office of Teacher Certification (256) 765-4860 to obtain a fingerprint card.

Step 2: Get Fingerprinted

 The Cogent fingerprinting site closest to UNA is Central Mail Stop.

Central Mail Stop • (256) 712-5610 • 11385 Hwy 20 Florence AL 35630 • Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:00pm.

  1. Take one copy of your fingerprint registration receipt to the Central Mail Stop fingerprinting office. Make sure you bring a state-issued photo ID to the appointment.
  2. Central Mail Stop will take your fingerprints and transmit them electronically to the Alabama State Department of Education.  It usually takes 2-3 days for the ALSDE to receive your clearance.
  3. Contact Central Mail Stop if you have any additional questions regarding the fingerprinting procedure.

Step 3: Confirm Clearance

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Education Professionals in the blue bar across the top.  Move cursor down to "Certification" (listed under Educators).
  3. At the right, click on "Certificate/License/Background Check Searches".
  4. Type in your last name.
  5. Type in your first name.
  6. Click on "Search".
  7. Under the section TEACHER, click the name that belongs to you.
  8. You should see your fingerprint information displayed below under the heading BACKGROUND REVIEW.
  9. Print this page for confirmation of your fingerprint status.
  10. Write your student ID (L #) on this printout and turn in to the Office of Teacher Education (Stevens Hall #515) so that we may clear you in the University system.

Directions to Central Mail Stop

Directions to Central Mail Stop